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Electrical safety is now incorporated into the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. There is now a requirement for Cunninghame Housing Association to carry out a fixed wiring electrical safety inspection every five years in our homes. This ensures the electricity supply in your home is safe and free from faults.

We will contact you to advise that the safety inspection is due, and arrange for one of our Electricians to carry out the safety check.

What is involved in the check?

The Electrician will require access to a range of sockets, switches and lights throughout your home.

Clear access to your electricity meter
and consumer unit is required.

We will try to fix any faults straight away, but some may need a follow up appointment.
Help us to book this as soon as possible.

The safety check can take up to three hours depending on house size and type, so make sure when agreeing to the appointment that you are available the whole time.

For electrical safety, we are adopting a similar approach to access that we use for gas safety. Tenants will be lettered and given a date for the inspection. If the date is not suitable, you can re-arrange the appointment. If no appointment is arranged, a further two letters will be sent prior to a final letter arranging a forced access.

Most tenants provide access but it can be a costly and time consuming process if they don’t. In spring we had to carry out more than 100 forced accesses for electrical safety checks. If you have received a letter, please make an appointment as soon as possible by calling 0800 068 1466.

Your Rent

We know that these are challenging times for all of our tenants, managing your money and paying all of your household bills when prices are soaring. As a landlord, we also face rising costs so understand we all need to balance what we do and how much we spend.

We want to keep providing good quality homes and services that meet your needs and are value for money. We work hard to deliver the best services to our tenants.

It is important that all tenants pay their rent on time. We use the rent money we collect to deliver the services we provide – like our repairs service, making planned improvements to your home and maintaining estates. Your rent is charged weekly.

There are different and convenient ways for you to pay your rent. Paying by Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way to pay.

Bank transfer to sortcode 09-02-22, account number 10697883 – with your name and address as the reference

Pay by direct debit- call: 01294 607553 if you need help setting this up

Use your ‘Allpay’ card at any stores. with a ‘PayPoint’ sign or call Allpay on: 0330 041 6497

Visit our website and click on ‘Make a Payment’ via this link: Pay OnlineToday

ON: 01294 607553.

Thinking of
Moving Out?

Thinking of giving up your house?

Contact us on (01294) 607553.

We may be able give you help to stay in
your home if you still want to live there.

 If you still want to move, you need to give 28 days notice which starts from the day we receive your signed letter. You need to make sure that all your belongings are cleared from the house including carpets, flooring, blinds.

Once we receive your termination notice, we will contact you to arrange a ‘pre-termination inspection’. You must leave the property clean and in good condition and remove any personal belongings or furniture.

You must make sure that any repairs which are your responsibility are completed. If you do not, we will carry out the repairs then recharge you for doing this work.

Any items left will be cleared and you will be recharged for their uplift. The Maintenance Officer will contact you to confirm what your responsibilities are before you move out.

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