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£10,000 donation to North Ayrshire Foodbank

The Association have made a £10,000 contribution to North Ayrshire Food bank after a submission for financial support of £5,000.

After a Board of Management, it was decided that £5,000 would be given to assist with administration costs. An extra £5,000 would go towards food.

Craig Crosthwaite, coordinator for North Ayrshire Food bank said: “CHA has been a long-term supporter of us through direct grants. They have also held staff fundraising events and food drives. Their support has helped the Food bank to carry out its work distributing food boxes. The support has also helped deliver our children’s anti-hunger work and now prepare precooked meals. The Food bank is deeply appreciative of the friendship of management. Their staff and the resources allow this critical work to be delivered. Thank you all for this generosity of spirit and for being there when we need the support. The Food bank also wishes CHA continued success in their work around the country delivering their exceptional service.”

Frank Sweeney, Group CEO for CHA said: “May I take this opportunity to wish the Food bank every success with their fund-raising efforts”.

…The board of management agreed to donate a further £5,000. It will go towards the administration and running costs of the North Ayrshire Foodbank each financial year from 2021 onwards.

FRANK SWEENEY, Chief Exec, Cunninghame Housing

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