The Association’s award winning Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Advisory Service was established in 2013 and delivers a service in North & East Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.
We offer crucial crisis support through the current Energy Crisis to prevent loss of connection and help to restore supply including arranging credit for those on prepayment meters with no funds. If this issue is currently affecting you then please follow the link below and complete an enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch
Lemon Aid have also secured Funding to provide Low Energy Cooking Solutions for tenants of Cunninghame Housing Association.
we will shortly be distributing microwaves, air fryers and slow cookers to assist tenants in cooking meals in a more energy efficient way, helping make your energy go furtherStocks are limited and will be provided on a needs basis until stocks are exhausted. To make an application please complete our online form.
Other services have evolved in response to the needs of the community during and following the pandemic including:
  • An advocacy service for those in fuel poverty, negotiating with energy suppliers to write off debts, secure grants and resources to help clients maximise disposable income. 
  • A home visit service for vulnerable residents. 
  • Advice on metering types for new heating systems. 
  • Assistance with complaints helping clients to escalate complaints to the Ombudsman.

Sadly, the current energy crisis means we are unable to source and secure the best energy deals  however, we are still here to help with anything else energy related that keep residents safe, warm and connected to supply.   

If you require some assistance with any of the above, please complete our referral form below and a member of our team will get back to you.  Please provide as much detail as possible and attach some photographs if you feel they are relevant

Lemon Aid Project Impact Since 2020

Households Assisted Since 2020
Number of Energy Vouchers Issued
Value of Vouchers Issued
Debt Reductions/Savings

Lemon Aid Case Studies

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Mrs S

A lone parent working part time with 2 dependants.

The client lived in an all electric property which is expensive to run. One of her dependents had a health condition which can be affected by the reduced temperatures. Lemon Aid utilised the Home Heating advice fund to get this client vouchers to help with top ups. An award of £950 was granted which was paid in 4 vouchers.

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Mrs C

Client was referred to us in June 2022 from a local organisation and was scheduled to get out of hospital that same week. Both the client and her husband were having to self-isolate for at least three months. Mrs C’s husband had a job and was having to take a leave of absence to care for his Mrs C. That meant they were going to be in the house constantly and would be using a lot more energy. They had prepayment meters for both the gas and the electric, faced with a period of being unable to pay for their energy costs during a time of poor health and at a time when the energy prices were already putting a strain on the household.

Lemon Aid applied to a fund available in Scotland to help with those upcoming costs. They were awarded £318 in fuel vouchers. This would assist them in topping up their meters during a time where they were struggling financially.

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