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Ardrossan Connections Project Update

Ardrossan Connections Project Update

Ardrossan Connections team have been looking at feedback from the community and access groups to adapt the concept design. The team have put time into testing what could work to address the community’s comments on the first draft design.

We cannot wait to share the concept design everyone. We are still working on this process, and plan to present the updated designs soon. We will let you know when we can confirm dates for when the public can see the updated concept design.

Temporary quick wins

We asked you to vote for your favourite temporary measure or success that you would like in Ardrossan. These are small changes that can be rolled out quickly. They aim to make positive changes to the streetscape while the designs continue to move towards delivery. Thank you to so many of you for taking part in the vote to choose your favourite success! We had 33 responses and the results were as follows:

Contact Sustrans

If you have any questions about the Ardrossan Connections project then please contact the project team at Sustrans.

Check Out The Ardrossan Connections Project Page

Through a collaborative design process, Ardrossan Connections aims to inspire, empower and support the community. We want to support stakeholders and local council to improve the Network for walking, cycling and wheeling. We encourage the development of a more accessible, safe and welcoming centre of Ardrossan for residents, visitors and local businesses.

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