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Asset Management


The Association’s Asset Management & Investment function which is based within our Property Services Department is responsible for these tasks:

  • Short and long term investment planning for all Cunninghame Housing Association (CHA) owned stock.
  • The delivery of planned and cyclical maintenance programmes work to make sure our properties/asset stay in the best possible rule.
  • Management and delivery of the response repairs function.
  • Management and delivery of the void repair process.
  • The business planning and control of all works carried out by our own in-house work force. (CHA) Resident Services Extra and Resident Services Garden Squad.

At the end of March 2020 Cunninghame Housing Association owned 2883 domestic properties. We also own properties that are let by other groups or that we run as temporary homeless housing.

To maintain our stock in good repair, we run a full planned investment programme. Building parts such as central heating, kitchens, bathrooms and windows are replaced at the end of their life cycle. Over the next 5 years we have received high levels of investment to carry out improvements to homes. We will be spending an average of £1,528,000.00 million per year on planned repairs.

Part replacement programmes started in 2009. The kitchen and bathroom replacement programmes have been told by stock rule surveys, which have been ongoing since 2005. Our goal when these began was to raise the standard of failing kitchens to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard. Therefore, only those that were in poor overall shape were replaced in the initial programme years. It is the intention of the Association to move to fixed replacement cycles of most parts including kitchens and bathrooms. Some have with some justification complained that they have not had their kitchen replaced along with others.. This move is a fairer system to people who look after their homes, which the Association is keen to promote.

We will make sure that everyone is updated about when the rooms in their homes are due for replacement. Our process involves sending letter to all who are due to have any planned maintenance work. This will take place well before the work starts. We will tell them what work is being done and the name/contact details of the builder and maintenance officer involved.

The Association has in place an Asset Management Strategy which outlines our goal for the upkeep of our houses. It details our plans for future funding in property maintenance. Asset Management now includes the entire maintenance function from responsive repairs, planned and periodic maintenance. This includes the responsibility for stock data gathering to make sure we continue to meet current legislation and standards.

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