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Constructing a Driveway Application Form

I am requesting permission to Install a Driveway

Please read the following terms and conditions before filling out this form.
  1. If a footpath crossing is to be formed, an application must be made to the Local Counclis Roads Department to form a crossing and the applicant will meet the cost for the work, which should be completed to the satisfaction of the Roads Department.
  2. Where an opening of existing fencing is required, two new straining posts for hanging double gates must be provided by the tenant at their own expense. The posts should be properly strutted and securely bedded in concrete with any wiring restrained. Inward opening double gates must be provided by the tenant at their own expense to confirm with existing fencing and the the satisfaction on CHA.
  3. The driveway must be laid at the tenants own expense consisting of 50mm thick concrete slabs or block paving, bedded in sand/cement or whin dust, with granite chips or similar between the rows.
  4. If slabbed the space between the rows of slabs must have a dimension between 760-900mm wide and the slabs should be kept clear of all drains, service pipes, manholes and mutual paths.
  5. The driveway should run parallel to the existing footpath, which should not be used unless no other course is open. In this case the footpath must be suitably strenghthened if the existing construction is not sufficient to carry the weight of a car. Existing mutaul paths msut not be used for this purpose.
  6. Driveways must be a minimum distance of 900mm from the gable of the property.
  7. The applicant will be reponsible for ensuring that the driveway will not affect the services to the house. It may be necessary to check with the Local Building Control Officer, Planning Department, Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecom/cable to determine whether there are underground services.
  8. Any subsequent maintenance of the driveway must be carried out by the tenant at their own expense.
  9. On termination of tenanc:- Refer to the general conditions which apply for alterations and improvements.

In order that permission can be granted for the work to proceed please confirm the following:

Please seek permission from your Local Authority before dropping the kerb. The work on the public highway should be carried out by an approved contractor and all work is to be completed to the satisfaction of the Highways Dept. All making good with associated costs will be paid for by you.

Please advise a suitible date for our Property Maintenance Officer to inspect the proposed work.

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