Quayside Offices, Dock Rd, Ardrossan, KA22 8DA

Head Office Reception Hours

From Monday 18th October our Head Office Reception will be staffed for the 1st time since initial lockdown in March 2020. It is limited for the Moment to Monday Wednesday & Friday mornings (9:00am -1:00pm). Our offices still remain closed to the public as it would be difficult to sanitise interview rooms and a common reception area when the virus is still as prevalent.

The staffing of Reception will mean that there will be someone now answering calls again at the main switchboard and responding to messages left. It will also mean easier access for the car park entrance and deliveries. There is also a letterbox accessed from the side of main entrance allowing tenants to drop in information, applications etc for the Housing Teams.

We will provide further updates as to when members of the public and CHA Tenants can access the building, meeting rooms and the reception area.

This is another positive step towards getting back to normal and we would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time.

Full contact details for Housing Area Teams including emails and mobile numbers can be found here:

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