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Job Start Payment

Are you or a member of your household aged between 16 and 24 years old and been offered a job? You may be qualified if you have been out of work and receiving any of these benefits. Income based JSA, Income Related ESA, Universal Credit and/or Income Support for six months before being offered a job.

Your job must average a minimum of 12 hours of work each week over a 4-week period.

Care leavers between 16–25, only need to have been receiving a qualifying benefit when you were offered a job.

The payment helps with the costs of starting a job after a period of being out of work. You can put this towards travel, work clothes or childcare. It is a one-off sum worth £267.65, or £428.25 if you have children.

However, if you would like help or advice, please contact our Financial Inclusion Team. You can use the contact details listed below.


Our Financial Inclusion Officers are here to give support to our tenants on a wide range of financial problems.

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