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Managed Migration from Tax Credits to Universal Credit

What is Managed Migration? Managed Migration is the final phase of the rollout of Universal Credit, when the DWP gradually contact those who are still claiming legacy benefits to notify them that those benefits will be ending, and inviting them to claim Universal Credit instead.

The DWP’s current plan is to have all households claiming legacy benefits moved across to UC by the end of 2029:

2023/24 – Tax Credit-only claimants
2024/25 – All other Tax Credit claimants and those on Income Support, Income-Based JSA or just Housing Benefit
2028/29 All remaining Income-Related ESA claimants.

Those affected will receive a Migration Notice Letter.

The Migration Notice Letter will explain you have three months to make a claim to Universal Credit before your Tax Credit payments end. It is important to understand that your Tax Credits will end even if you do not claim Universal Credit.

Universal credit Managed Migration is currently rolling out in North, East and Central Scotland. The DWP advises that it will confirm further areas affected in November 2023 at a meeting later this month.

If you need help to claim Universal Credit or you are unable to claim by the deadline date given on your letter, you should contact Candice.


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