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Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is delivered by our in-house team Direct Works, who are responsible for the delivery of all our major replacements or repairs to ensure our properties remain in the best possible condition that meets set government standards called the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

We operate a comprehensive planned investment programme where major elements such as central heating, kitchens, bathrooms and windows are replaced at the end of their life cycle. Our programmes for replacement are determined either by full stock condition survey or passed to our asset management team by our Property Services maintenance officers. The majority of our stock had a full condition survey carried out between June 2008 and July 2010. The data gathered has been used to inform our kitchen & bathroom replacement programmes which have been running successfully since January 2010.

We do need to continually assess the condition of our housing stock and we will be commencing a 5 year survey cycle for our stock from April 2013. This data will continually update when the replacement of building elements will be carried out to individual properties.

The Association has in place a comprehensive strategy document outlining how we will continue to maintain all our homes and engage with tenants to deliver a wide range of property improvements.

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