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Termination Of Tenancy
I/We hereby give 28 days notice of my/our intention to terminate my/our tenancy of the property at: 
Please provide details

Notes For Tenant:

1. Rent  You are liable for rental payment until expiry of the 28-day notice period.

2. Keys  The keys for your property will be collected at your terminating address on the date of the termination. Your keys must not be posted through the mail or office letterbox. If you fail to allow access to collect the keys causing delay you will be charged extra rental or the locks will be changed and the cost involved charged to you. You will be required to return all keys supplied at the beginning of your tenancy and this will be checked against the details in your house file. Two front door, back door, door entry keys and vestibule keys, where applicable, should be returned, otherwise you may be charged for new keys/locks.

3. Pre-Termination Inspection/Repairs Your Housing Officer will contact you within 7 days of receipt of your termination notice to arrange a pre-termination inspection. This pre-termination inspection will be carried out jointly by the Housing Officer and Property Maintenance Officer and will identify any repair work beyond those attributable to fair wear and tear which will require your attention prior to the keys being collected.

Your Housing Officer and Technical Officer will revisit prior to the termination date to ensure identified work has been carried out. Failure to complete the work to a satisfactory standard would result in the keys being refused and additional rent being charged; alternatively you could be recharged for the cost of this work.

This pre-termination inspection is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement and your co-operation is therefore imperative.

The property must be:  Left clean, with all woodwork (e.g. doors and skirting), kitchen units and all sanitary ware being cleaned before you leave the property.

No belongings must be left in the house, loft, stair or garden. Any items remaining within the property will be removed and destroyed by the Association. You will be re-charged for the cost associated with the removal of such items. All carpets, blinds, curtains, flooring must be removed prior to the keys being collected.

NB. North Ayrshire Council, Cleansing Department will uplift large/bulky items by special arrangement. You should make arrangements directly with North Ayrshire Council, Cleansing Department.  

c) Any adaptations/modifications you have made unless previously approved should be restored to the original condition applicable at the time of let, otherwise re-charges may be applied.
EAC - Uplift Request - Our East Ayrshire (east-ayrshire.gov.uk) or you can phone their Waste Management Customer Services on 01563 554400 - 3 items: £15.93, 4-5 items: £29.21 with £3.49 per additional item – with a maximum of 10 additional items allowed per uplift. D&G - Call 030 33 33 3000 and pay by credit or debit card - £13.95 for up to 3 bulky items or 10 bags. NAC - Phone 01294 310000 or via website at www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk - £25.20 for 5 items, £5.04 for each additional item
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