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Annual Tenants Conference 2024

Cunninghame Housing Association were proud to host its 13th Annual Tenants Conference at the Seamill Hydro on the 26th of June 2024.

Cunninghame Housing Association were proud to host its 13th Annual Tenants Conference at the Seamill Hydro on the 26th of June 2024. Over 60 tenants were in attendance which marked the start of CHA’s 40th Anniversary festivities!

Tenants came from all over to go to the conference. Some used free transport to and from the venue provided by the Association. This meant those who are unable to drive could be given the chance to go. Some even came from as far as Annan to take part in the days activities!

The days agenda included:

  • A presentation on the ‘First 40 Years of CHA’
  • Money Advice Session
  • Advice on Fuel Poverty
  • Tenant Scrutiny Group
  • Protection Advice Against Fraud and Scammers

Fun activities included:

  • Hot Buffet Lunch
  • Information Village
  • Performance of Mary Poppins from Pupils of St Bridgets
  • Lunch Time Games
  • Musical Entertainment from ‘Opportunities in Retirement’
  • Bingo
  • Raffle


The general feedback for the presentations were “very informative useful and helpful information.”


The feedback for the entertainment was very positive for the St. Bridget’s Primary School pupils performing Mary Poppins. Some small technical difficulties didn’t phase these mini professional performers as they had the crowd clapping and singing along. They didn’t miss a beat!

Country music group ‘Opportunities in Retirement’ drew the conference to a close with some classic rock which went over well with the audience.

“Children were excellent!”

“Well done to the kids”

“They were perfect”

Tenants thoughts on the entertainment

Games, Raffle and Bingo

To keep tenants occupied during lunch, games were set up along with the information village. The games included put-put golf where the goal was to get a hole in one with three tries. The second game was a target game using ping pong balls, the highest score of both received a prize.

Each tenant had a raffle ticket in their information pack, prizes included chocolates, candles, vouchers and more.

To round off a pleasant day the guests were given bingo tickets. This was the highlight of some attendees day. Some won a toiletry set, slow cooker, kettle, toaster and the top prize, an air fryer.

Lasting Thoughts

“First time going, will be back!”

“Another Good Year”

“Thank you for a lovely afternoon”

Tenants thoughts on the conference

Do you like the though of attending next years Annual Tenants Conference? Would you like to see informative presentations, meet others, play games and win prizes?

Keep and eye out in next years Summer newsletters where you can book your place, phone in, fill in the tear off form or confirm your place online.

We hope to see you there!

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