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Completion of Regeneration Project at Longpark, Kilmarnock

Provost of East Ayrshire Jim Todd carried out the official closing ceremony to the 20 year regeneration of Longpark, Kilmarnock.

Cunninghame Housing Association first became involved in Longpark in 1999. This was after a change of undertakings from the then Longpark Ownership Co-operative, Kilmarnock.

Post move, the Association added to its new build collection with 51 properties constructed at Longpark Phase 5. This was followed by an extra 54 new build homes at Longpark Phase 6.

This investment changed the perception of the area. The demand for the new properties supported the view that people wished to move into Longpark. They consider it a desirable place to live.

One blight stayed within the area, a pocket of housing at Northcraig Road which was undesirable and difficult to let.

Clearing these houses in 2009 proved the right course of decision.

However, the clearance created a gap within the heart of Longpark. It was thought that consideration should be given to rebuild the area for new build housing at another time.

Provost Jim Todd commented: “I really enjoyed visiting Bute Street where Cunninghame Housing have just built beautiful houses.

“The residents are clearly delighted with their new homes. The surrounding green spaces make the whole area a lovely place to live.

“My family are from the old Bute Street so I have very fond memories of the area.

“It’s great to see an the old street getting a lease of life with well-designed, eco-friendly and energy efficient homes.

“Well done to Cunninghame Housing for all the thought and care they have put into planning and building the homes.

“I wish the new residents all the best for comfortable, happy lives.”

The Longpark and Gladstone Tenants and Residents Association have been working to further improve their local community for 25 years.

The committee is very active consisting of local tenants who give up their own time to resolve local problems.

They are fully supported by Cunninghame Housing Association Ltd

They have built up excellent working relationship with other partner organisations. These are Community Police, Vibrant Communities, East Ayrshire Council and East Ayrshire Tenants Federation.

Each year they hold eight committee meetings, two public meetings and an AGM.

They also go to many other events, meetings and conferences.

The group meets four weekly on a Tuesday night at 6.30pm in the Northwest Centre, Western Road, Kilmarnock.

They are always looking for more committee members or volunteers to assist at community events.

Over the years the group have resolved and improved many problems that have been raised by the residents of Longpark.

They aim to lower dog fouling and fly tipping, working with East Ayrshire Councils Environmental Health Enforcement team.

The group have been working to improve the bin collection service, local pavements, kerbs, potholes and the level crossings.

To help lower social isolation, promote community discusion and raise funds for local causes, the group have held community events.

These have included successful Psychic nights and Community Bingo nights held in and supported by Blacks Bar, Dean Lane, Kilmarnock.

From these activities the group were able to donate £200 to the Neo Natal Clinic at Crosshouse Hospital. They still have funds to hold more socially inclusive events.

Frank Sweeney said. Over the years the Longpark and Gladstone Tenants and Residents Association have committed their time to improving the Longpark area.

“Without their involvement in the community Longpark would not be what it is today – A Great Place to Live.”

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our Community Participation Officer on 01294 606012 for further information.

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