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Largs Tenant and Resident Walkrounds

Our Largs Tenants and Residents group have recently completed their second estate ‘walkround’ accompanied by Cunninghame Housing Association (CHA) staff, Ian Macpherson, Community Participation & Engagement Officer, and Chris Quinn the Property Maintenance Officer for Largs.

The group members were able to visit all 9 sites in Largs with CHA properties over the two walkrounds which included School Wynd, St Columba Court, Nelson Court, Dippie Gardens, Rae Court, Clark Gardens, Seamore Street and Waterside Street.

The main purpose for the visits to these sites for the group were to:

  • discuss and raise issues with CHA staff on site face to face 
  • Suggest possible solutions/improvements 
  • Let group members see first hand the other areas the group represents 
  • Highlight the positive aspects and showcase the area in which group members themselves live in 

All the observations and notes from all sites were recorded and the group is working with the Association to work through the issues that can be improved.

“Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to visit other areas and to be able to see first-hand issues that group members were concerned about.”

Sandra Clark, Chairperson, Largs District Tenants & Residents Association

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