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National Foodbank Day

We aim to raise awareness about National Foodbank Day so our tenants can benefit from the services that we offer.

National Food Bank Day is a reminder of the ongoing battle against hunger that many families face across the nation. At Cunninghame Housing Association, we understand the importance of this day. We commit ourselves to doing our part to support our tenants in the fight against hunger. Here is how you can access the vouchers. 

Identification of Needs

Our dedicated Financial Inclusion team is trained to support tenants who may be struggling to afford food. This is done through regular communication. They can also refer you to food banks on your behalf.

Access to Food Bank Vouchers

Once your needs are identified, we can give you the food bank vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed at local food banks, letting you choose food and items that you prefer. You can also use the vouchers to access toiletry and personal hygiene products.

Education and Support

Our team also offers guidance on accessing local food bank resources and other available services. We want to make sure that tenants are aware of all the resources available to them.

46 food bank vouchers have been provided to our tenants this year so far. If you are a CHA tenant and are looking to secure foodbank vouchers, contact our Financial Inclusion Team below.


Our Financial Inclusion Officers are here to give support to our tenants on a wide range of financial problems.

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Candice Adam
Financial Inclusion Officer
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