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Stanfield Farm, Eastriggs

Below you will find details on the development size & location as well as site plans, house styles, photographs, internal walk through videos, drone footage and a 360° walkthrough where available.

We acquired this land in March 2017 with a view to 74 new homes being delivered on the site. We now have Planning Consent and Building Warrants in place.

Works will be scheduled to commence on site in Spring 2024.

The housing mix will be as follows:

  • 43 no. 2 bed 4 person Houses
  • 9 no. 3 bed 6 person Houses
  • 14 no. 2 bed 4-person Amenity Bungalows
  • 6 no. 1 bed 2-person Amenity Bungalows
  • 1 no. 4 bed 7-person Ground Floor Living Wheelchair House
  • 1 no. 5 bed 10 person House

Stanfield Farm

Completion Date

Autumn 2025


Dumfries & Galloway

Proposed Site Layout
House Type A
House Type A1
House Type A2
House Type B
House Type B1
House Type B1-E
House Type C
House Type D
House Type G-A3
Stanfield Farm, Eastriggs
Drone footage captured August 2019, prior to the commencement of works on site.

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