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Scottish Child Payment Information

When can I apply for Scottish Child Payment for a child aged 6-15?

On 14 November. You shouldn’t apply before this. We encourage people to apply on the day to make sure they get all the money they are due.

Should I apply before 14 November to get my award as soon as possible?

No. If we process an application before 14 November, it will be denied. We strongly encourage people to apply on the day itself or as soon after that as possible. Your award will be backdated to the date we receive your form.

I already receive Scottish Child Payment and my children are all under 6. Do I need to make a new application?

No, you don’t need to do anything. You will get Scottish Child Payment at the new rate of £25 for each child every week from 14 November.

I have been receiving Scottish Child Payment but my child turns 6 before 14 November. Do I need to reapply?

Yes. You should make a new apply again on 14 November.

I receive Scottish Child Payment for my child aged under 6. But I also have a child aged 6 or over. What should I do?

You can add older children to your earlier claim through the online Scottish Child Payment form. There’s no need to do a completely new form.

On 14 November, how should I apply for Scottish Child Payment?

We highly encourage people to apply online. If you are unable to, you can apply over the phone on 0800 182 2222 or sent it by post.

Is there a limit on the number of children for whom I can claim Scottish Child Payment?

No, there’s no cap. You can apply for a number of children who are the right age.

I am going to be applying for Scottish Child Payment for the first time on 14 November. Will I automatically qualify for some other benefits?

We will award Best Start Grants, Early Learning Payment and School Age Payment to families who get Scottish Child Payment. You will not need to apply.

People can learn more about Best Start Grants including their ability to stop having them paid automatically on our website.

I get Bridging Payments. Will I need to apply for Scottish Child Payment?

Yes. Bridging Payments are given completely separately to Scottish Child Payment. If you are allowed the Scottish Child Payment, you should apply for it regardless of whether you get Bridging Payments. You will still get your final Bridging Payment (of £260) in December.

I am working. Does that mean I won’t qualify?

No, a significant amount of people who receive benefits such as Universal Credit or Tax Credits are in work. So long as you receive a qualifying benefit you can still be considered for Scottish Child Payment.

I am a kinship carer, can I qualify for Scottish Child Payment?

People who care for children in their family but aren’t their parents can recieve for Scottish Child Payment. They must also meet the criteria.

If I receive Scottish Child Payment, will it affect my tax payments or other benefits?

No. If you receive Scottish Child Payment, it will not affect this.

How long will it take for the money to reach my bank account?

It may take some time for us to process your payment. Please be assured we will do so as quickly as we can. The money you receive should be backdated to the date we received your application. There’s no need to check on progress by phone once you have done this.

How To Contact Social Security Scotland.

Call Freephone: 0800 182 2222
Text Relay Service (for the hard of hearing) 18001 +0300 244 4000
British Sign Language users:

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