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Our Website Support Features

Cunninghame Housing Association aim to support all our tenants. We want to make sure they have a stress free and simple time when using our website. That is why we use a tool called Reachdeck to make sure that our website is accessible to all. Click on the stick figure in the corner of your screen. This brings up the menu, and choose which feature you would like to use:

Here are a few ways that you can improve your time online by using these features:

Read out loud: The first button allows you to choose which line you would like to be read out loud. The second will read the entire page and the third stops reading. Just click on the pointing finger and choose what you would like read.

Languages: The Fourth button lets you change the language of the page. There are over 100 languages to choose from so pick the one that lets you read the site with ease.

Images: The picture button shows an icon that describes the word you have highlighted. For example, click the picture icon and highlight the word ‘button’. The box should then show graphics that look like clothing buttons.

MP3: Highlight the text and click the MP3 icon. You can then download a voice recording of the text being read out loud. This lets you listen to it at your convenience while being able to stop and slow down the recording.

Highlight: The eye symbol creates a bar through the screen which shows a small part of text at a time. It makes the background appear duller until you move the bar. This allows you to focus on one area of text at a time.

Zoom: Clicking the magnifying glass and highlighting your chosen text enlarges the words and reads them out loud.

Simplify: The bar graph icon simplifies the page by removing the design features. It will list the words on a white background.

Help: The question mark gives in-depth instructions on each icon.

Settings: The cog allows you to choose how big you would like the text to appear. You can control how fast you would like the read-aloud to speak etc.

So feel free to use our support features to make sure you get the most of your online visit.

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