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Universal Credit Migration Notice

The Department for Work and Pensions plan is to have all households currently claiming legacy benefits to have moved across to Universal Credit by the end of 2029.

From April 2024 Migration Notices will be sent nationally to those receiving –

  • Income Support (with Housing Benefit); and Tax Credits with Housing Benefit from April 2024
  • Housing Benefit-only claimants after Tax Credits & Housing Benefit claimants from June 2024
  • Income-Related ESA and Child Tax Credits with Housing Benefit claimants from July 2024
  • Tax Credits claimants over pension age from August 2024
  • Income-Based JSA with Housing Benefit claimants from September 2024
  • Employment and Support Allowance only; or Employment and Support allowance with Housing Benefit from 2028/2029

The Migration Notice Letter explains you have three months to make a claim to Universal Credit before your legacy (current) benefits end. It is important to understand that your payments will end even if you do not claim Universal Credit.

You should not make a claim for Universal Credit prior to receiving your Managed Migration Notice as you could lose out on “Transitional Protection”. Transitional Protection is a key element when moving to Universal Credit.

It ensures that those who are calculated to be worse off on Universal Credit see no difference in their entitlement at the point they are moved to Universal Credit, providing their situation remain the same.

The Transitional Protection element will decrease over time with increases in Universal Credit elements – excluding the childcare costs element – and will stop with certain changes of circumstances.

However, if you would like any advice or assistance in relation to this, please contact one of CHA’s Financial Inclusion Team by using the contact details listed below.


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