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West Byrehill Safety Advice

IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/04/2024 at 4:00pm: Please click the buttons below for todays updated guidance for the Byrehill Ongoing Incident and Frequently Asked Questions.

Update from 12 April at 16:00

Emergency services have now been stood down and the cordon that has been in place since the fire started on Monday evening (8th April) has been lifted.  This means that you can now move freely outside your home and begin to open your windows again.

Advice remains that if you feel unwell, please contact your GP or call NHS24 on 111 and in an emergency call 999. 

Further information/advice:

  • Wash garden furniture and any children’s toys that are kept in the garden with soap and water before use. 
  • Wash door and gate handles. 
  • Continue to wash hands thoroughly after carrying out gardening work, and encourage children to do this too particularly before eating. 
  • Thoroughly wash and peel all home-grown vegetables before eating. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/4/24: Please click the buttons below for todays updated guidance for the Byrehill Ongoing Incident and Frequently Asked Questions.

Emergency services remain at the scene of a large fire at an industrial unit in Byrehill Place, Kilwinning (West Byrehill).

Tenants are encouraged to follow the guidance provided by NHS Ayrshire & Arran; as below:

There has been further guidance issued by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service on the afternoon of 10th of April. Please click the button below to view the updated advice:

Go in…..

  • Go indoors
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Members of the public should not be out walking if possible. If required, time outside should be kept to a minimum.


  • Due to the large volume of water that the Fire & Rescue Service are using, it is common for your water to be discoloured. If you run the tap closest to your inlet for approximately 5 minutes, it should run clear. If you still have concerns, please discuss with your Housing Association

Health advice…..

  • If anyone becomes unwell, medical advice should be sought by contacting your local General Practitioner (GP) or by calling NHS111
  • Care at home services will still be able to attend, they may require to use facemasks.
  • Only in the event of immediate danger, call the Emergency Services on 999

Stay in…..

  • Keep all doors and windows closed
  • Turn off any mechanical ventilation if possible, including air conditioning and close all window vents
  • If your smoke / fire alarm or carbon monoxide alarm is set off for no apparent reason, please contact 999 as you would do normally

Stay up-to-date…..

Please look out for further updates and messages from Scottish Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and from North Ayrshire Council. This situation has the potential to continue for more than 24 hours due to the current smoke levels in the surrounding area. Services on-site at West Byrehill and are continually monitoring the situation and will update as soon as new information becomes available.

You may also be contacted directly by local services.

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