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Direct Works Receives a Forklift

Pictured left to right: Kyle Cairney, Scott McFarlane and Brandon Paterson.

Direct Works Receives a Forklift.

Direct Works sent two employees, Scott McFarlane and Brandon Paterson, on a 5 day ‘Counterbalance Forklift’ training course.

The two employees were enthusiastic to add this knowledge to their ever-growing skillset and to utilize their newfound training to assist with the day to day running of Direct Works.

This new apparatus has conveyed time and labor efficiency due to the forklift performing a job that previously required three workers that has now been reduced to one forklift operative. Time management has improved as it now takes half the time to unload materials.

The forklift also allows employees to utilize space within the warehouse which is provided by the new racking system.

This extra time and labor will be used conscientiously to improve repair time responses.

“We can keep more materials in stock which reduces lead times and allows quicker response times for repairs.”


KYLE CAIRNEY,  Manager, Direct Works

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