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Help To Save

Are you interested in saving money?

Help to Save is a type of savings account for low-income individuals claiming Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits. If claiming Universal Credit (have take home pay of £722.45 per month or more in your last assessment period).

If you receive benefits as a couple, you and your partner can apply for your own Help to Save accounts. You need to apply separately.

How does Help to Save work?

  • You will get 50p for every £1 you save over 4 years


  • You can save between £1 and £50 per month. You do not have to save every month.


  • You can only take out money from your Help to Save account to your bank account.


  • First 50% bonus is paid after two years. The bonus is based on your highest balance during the first two years (max £600 bonus)


  • Second 50% bonus paid after four years. Based on the difference between the highest balance in years three and four, the highest balance during the first two years (max £600 bonus)


  • The most you can pay into your account each month is £50, which is £2,400 over 4 years. The most you can earn from your savings in 4 years is £1,200 in bonus money.


  • Your bonus is paid into your bank account, not your Help to Save account

What happens after 4 years?

Your account will close 4 years after you open it. You will not be able to reopen or create a new Help to Save account.

Apply online by visiting: Get help with savings if you’re on a low income (Help to Save): What you’ll get – GOV.UK (


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