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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January 10th 2024, is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Today is the day we shine a light on simple, wallet-friendly ways to slash those energy bills and make your home more efficient without spending a penny. These tips and tricks will help transform your home into an energy-saving hub, making your life a whole lot greener and more affordable.

Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

Unplug Unused Electronics: Let’s get rid of those sneaky energy vampires! When your chargers, TVs, or gadgets aren’t in action, unplug them. By doing this, you’ll stop energy from sneaking away when you’re not looking.

Natural Lighting: This one might be a little bit trickier in not-so-sunny Scotland! Throw open those curtains and blinds and let the natural light in! Not only will you brighten up your day, but you’ll also lower your energy bills by not using big lights or lamps.

Furniture Faux Pas: Your home decor might be increasing your energy bills. Whether its a sofa or table pushed up against the radiator, its effecting the room temperature. So move that couch around and let the room fill with warmth of the unrestricted heating.

Maximise your Appliences: Let’s make that dishwasher and washing machine work for their money! Fill them up to the brim for maximum efficiency and air-dry those dishes and laundry.

Drying Clothes: Remember not to put clothes over radiators! It can be tempting to throw fresh washing over radiators and wait till they are nice and toasty before getting dressed or putting them away, but this is not effective. Drying clothing over radiators stops the warmth from getting through to your room. Doing this for prolonged periods can even cause damp and mould!

Are You Struggling To Pay Your Energy Bills

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